Band's website

2010-10-01 06:52:55 by BobbyJenkins

For anyone interested in my band Map & Key, feel free to visit the website. There's a small preview of a couple of the tracks to get your teeth stuck into.

Making an album

2009-04-22 06:26:49 by BobbyJenkins

Check it all out here in my vlog.

News on the album!

Stepping down from modship

2008-01-18 10:45:00 by BobbyJenkins

As I said to Wade, I should have done it a long time ago. I apologise.

But I figure the job should be given to someone who visits the forums still. I've been neglecting it for basically the past year. A mod shouldn't be sporadic. I think I was holding on to being part of the mod community, cause it's a friendly place with some of the best people on the site. But time to let someone who will do their job take the role : )

There might be a time when I come back and visit regularly again, but I can't be sure of that so it's best, for now, to step down.

She sells stationary

2007-11-11 08:34:22 by BobbyJenkins

I got a job. It's in a stationary store.

It's so. So. SO boring

And the pay's shit

But a job's a job :)

Ya know what's great

2007-08-15 07:49:12 by BobbyJenkins

When you don't realise there's a huge number next to the comments telling you people have responded to news and so you don't respond till about a month later.

I love you all D: I'm just fick.

Also penis.

*does a small tap dance that has an interlude involving many naked hand puppets performing a humorous scene from Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'*

Not really