Entry #6

Band's website

2010-10-01 06:52:55 by BobbyJenkins

For anyone interested in my band Map & Key, feel free to visit the website. There's a small preview of a couple of the tracks to get your teeth stuck into.



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2010-10-01 06:58:51

Hi Alice.

BobbyJenkins responds:

Hey dude : )


2010-10-07 05:16:03


Will we be seeing more of you on NG again?

BobbyJenkins responds:

I'm always lingering. Often pop on to play games on here. I'll admit my forum activity is pretty low though. I just kinda go with the flow, sometimes I'll post here n there. Still love my NG crew though : )


2010-10-31 16:31:33

make me famous please. :(


2010-11-21 19:23:19

tweeted a link to the ep since it's out, although given the number of followers i have i doubt it'll result in any cash money


2010-11-21 21:08:36

Six bucks on iTunes? Of course I'll buy it! It's just the style of music I can really rock out to, and since you're not mainstream famous yet my iPod playlist gets all the cred associated with sweet 'underground' tunes. ;)

You can thank the NG Twitter stream for introducing me to it, if you're tracking that sorta stuff.

Cheers, looking forward to more!


2011-03-11 05:56:16

give me back my ng quiz guitar!


2015-05-10 11:21:24

Good day old friend. I was shitfaced last night and thought of the drunks. Ah the memories and the mammories.

BobbyJenkins responds:

Oh my word, Mr Andrew Miller! How are you, you crazy bastard. Do you know that the Whisky it aint got an E is somewhat famous in my hometown? It plays in the local clubs sometimes and my friend heard someone humming it to themself the other day at her work.