Stepping down from modship

2008-01-18 10:45:00 by BobbyJenkins

As I said to Wade, I should have done it a long time ago. I apologise.

But I figure the job should be given to someone who visits the forums still. I've been neglecting it for basically the past year. A mod shouldn't be sporadic. I think I was holding on to being part of the mod community, cause it's a friendly place with some of the best people on the site. But time to let someone who will do their job take the role : )

There might be a time when I come back and visit regularly again, but I can't be sure of that so it's best, for now, to step down.


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2008-01-18 10:53:57

You'll be missed! Good luck with future takings, hope to see you around the site even so!
btw, I'm going to scotland next weekend, Glasgow. :)


2008-01-18 11:12:17

*sigh* Like Rucklo said, you will be missed, sorry you have to leave, I'm sure if I was around to see you at work we would have made a great team.


2008-01-18 11:13:39

Guess you'll lose your yellow aura disease, but you still can have penis and stuff and take a look at NG sometimes.

Good luck with your job and "lazy bitch" life. I should go back to work now :'(


2008-01-18 11:34:46

Okay... so you ain't got a job, you ain't studying... you're neither gonna moderate the forums anymore. Yeah, you are a lazy bitch.


2008-01-18 18:28:26

I wondered what that orgasmic sensation was that I felt every night. :P

Anyway, I am just as happy for you as you are for me. We have found happiness for ourselves and that is more precious than anything.

You are an absolutely wonderful girl and I appreciate that I was able to know you even ever so slightly. Thank you for everything.

Much love to you and Lauren.

P.S. threesome? Joe can watch.


2008-01-19 12:46:14

I'll be all over you like a white on a polar bear.

We're spending a few days in London so I can do all the touristy stuff. Should be a lot of fun.


2008-01-23 03:20:35

I'd rather watch someone's testicles getting removed with a blunt knife.

BobbyJenkins responds:

....well actually that'll be included in the sexual acts. We're just kinky like that.


2008-01-27 11:05:23

"Job: Lazy Bitch" Me too!


2008-01-27 12:35:43

I hate to see you go as a moderator, it's your choice. I wouldn't do it, you're just going to give up all that e - power just like that? You'll regret it BobbyJenkins, I would.

- Cyprien

BobbyJenkins responds:

I did as soon as I reached my 4 post quota on a topic :P


2008-01-29 10:24:08

Wow, is this a bbs mod trend now? In any event, (though don't know me lol), come back soon :)

BobbyJenkins responds:

Yeah I had no idea Canas was givin up the job too. That's how out of a loop I've been on the BBS. A sure sign that I wasn't pullin my weight : P


2008-03-03 08:10:38

We all leave Newgrounds at some point, but it never leaves us.

It's really strikingly similar to all sorts of horrible and incurable STDs.

BobbyJenkins responds:

When you sign up for an account it should say 'welcome to syphilis!'


2008-06-08 04:55:16

I've been in love with you for the past 4 years.


2008-07-24 00:53:48

make more music. :P


2008-11-18 13:47:44

So i heard you were from Fife.



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